A little background

MBT Consultants is part of the Brit Pikuah group which is ranked as the six largest firm in Israel. The group is a member of PraxityTM, a unique global alliance of independent accounting firms that is ranked in the eight place in the world with presence in 72 countries through 109 firms (among the 10 highest ranked firms in most of the countries).

Who are we

the main target of the firm is to provide services by using the one stop shop principal which gives us the power to provide efficient and focused services for our clients. Thanks to this conception, our clients enjoy a big variety of services, from international tax planning, financial and business consultation, pension planning and many more. All the services are given by our skilled and professional staff. MBT provides through a connected partnership audit services for public companies, bookkeeping and internal audit reviews.

In addition, the firm specializes in financial services to the kibbutz sector and its industries.

We believe that the combination of professional knowledge and many years of experience, commitment to personal service and standing in international standards give us the ability to provide professional service in a wide variety of fields with special attention to each of our customers.

So, when are we meeting?