The National Insurance Department was set up in order to help Kibbutzim and Cooperate Moshavim to fully maximize their rights with the National Insurance Institute on issues such as retirement, stipends and collection. In addition, the Department handles insurance variances, arranges audits on deductions, insurance fees and more. Service is both individual and personal.

Below are services offered by the department:

Consultation and maximization of members rights relating to retirement, stipends and collection.
Ongoing communication with the management of the National Insurance Institute and their Department Heads responsible for special arrangements and law amendments made on collection and retirement issues.
Ensuring that reimbursement is provided for amounts overly deducted from outside workers from the National Insurance and Health Insurance for the current year and previous years.
Ongoing assistance and guidance for both managers and new workers in the field, according to the needs of the Kibbutz.
Help on National Insurance issues for initiatives during renewal of the Kibbutz.
Advertising newsbriefs and ongoing updates, as well as organizing courses and inhouse training for job positions at the Kibbutz.
A Project for Maximizing Rights of Members at the National Insurance Institute: A special project which the department runs for maximizing members rights and which has been recommended by the secretariate of the Kibbutz Movement. The project is running at its full potential and has proven its worth.

The man behind the numbers

Uzi Stanger

Director of National Insurance
Tel: 03-6382801
Mobile: 052-2755700