The Financial and Business Consultation Department, over the past few years, has been involved in tens of capital and stock raising processes.  A special team to accompany each transaction is comprised of experts in economics and business as well as professionals in the area of taxes and bookkeeping, all of whom provide a full package of services for the client.

Below are services the department offers:

Help in raising capital and merges – purchasing and selling of enterprises, locating and representation before investors,  accompanying negotiations,  value estimations, planning taxes and legal aspects, reporting and representation in front of the  Tax Authorities.
Preparation of business plans – planning and ongoing assistance in implementation of the program.
Evaluating the worth of companies for purchase and selling and/or admittance or exit of a partner.
Performing a Due Diligence examination on financial and business levels prior to purchase activities, including a  comprehensive research on the firm.
Ensuring that appropriate international standards are met, budgeting surplus, cost and employee options.
Banking and financial accompaniement – representing and carrying out financial arrangements with the financial and banking systems, providing  financial solutions to the enterprises.
Performing an examination of financial profitability including pre development of the project.

Below are a number of industries we have helped to raise capital (including indications of profit, planning and tax representation, organizing relationships with the owners and help with negotiations with investors/underwriters).

The people behind the numbers:

Raviv Ishay, CPA Tel: +972-3-6382811 ,Mobile phone: +972-52-5736296 ,
Yossi Sapir, CPA Tel: +972-3-6382874  ,Mobile phone: +972-52-5736431 ,
Eyal Livnat, CPA Tel: +972-3-6382845  ,Mobile phone: +972-52-3632125  ,